VTU Computer Science Engineering 7th Sem CBCS Scheme PDF Notes Download

Computer Science  Engineering 7th Semester CBCS Scheme VTU Notes

Here you can download 7th sem Computer Science Eng VTU CBCS Scheme Notes, You can also Download Previous And Model Computer Science 7th Sem CBCS Scheme Question Papers And Other Study Materials etc. Web Technology and its applications, Advanced Computer Architectures, Machine Learning, Professional Electives 7th Sem.

SUBJECT NAME : Web Technology and its applications

Module – I      : Download

Module – II    : Download

Module – III   : Download

Module – IV   : Download

Module – V     : Download

SUBJECT NAME : Advanced Computer Architectures

Module – I    : Theory of Parallelism

Module – II   : Hardware Technologies

Module – III  : Download

Module – IV  : Parallel and Scalable Architectures

Module – V   : software for parallel programming

SUBJECT NAME : Machine Learning

Module – I   : Introduction & Concept Learning

Module – II  : Decision Tree Learning

Module – III : Artificial Neural Networks

Module – IV  : Bayesian Learning

Module – V   : Evaluating Hypothesis,Instance Based Learning & Reinforcement Learning

7th Sem CSE Elective Subjects Notes Download Here

Natural Language Processing

Soft and Evolutionary Computing

Cloud Computing and its Applications

Computer Vision and Robotics

Information and Network Security

Digital Image Processing

Unix System Programming

Storage Area Networks