SP0M The Best Application for Penetration Testing

SP0M is one of the top and best application for Penetration Testing with the help of this software you will be able to taste on different website like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, telegram and various other gaming website such as PUBG, Fortune, free fire, GTA and More. Sp0m Game Play / Download Sp0m is helpful … Read more

List of Traditional Board Games of India

Games played indoor and in outdoor usually under trees in villages using board or the board drawn in the ground using Chalk piece (Pencil made of chalk powder used to write in Black Board in schools and in some colleges) Aadu Puli Attam (ஆடு புலி ஆட்டம் ) Paramapadham (பரமபதம்) [Thayam (தாயம்)] Langa Kattai (லங்கா கட்டை) … Read more

List of Traditional Outdoor Games of India

Games Palyed in Open Area are classified a Outdoor Games – We have classified games played in open area as outdoor games. The following are some of the games played outdoor and are familiar among the villagers and people who are above 20. Hide & Seek (கண்ணாமூச்சி) Kho Kho (கோ கோ) Nondi (நொண்டி) [Pandi (பாண்டி) Kichi kichi … Read more

List of Traditional Indoor Games of India

Games Played inside Home or Indoor – Indoor Games – Games played inside a home or indoor are calssified as Indoor Games. The following are some of the indoor games that are still played in villages. ​Thirudan police (திருடன் போலீஸ்) Raja rani (ராஜா ராணி) Statue/Freeze/Attack Oru kodam thanni (ஒரு குடம் தண்ணி) X and O (Tic Tac … Read more

What is Satta King/Satta Matka Games?

Satta King or Satta Matka or Sataka Matka is a type of game which is mainly played in countries like India and America. Satta King is 1 gaming in which every person play this game by betting Satta Matka which is Satta King or Matka King. What is  Satta King/Satta Matka (also refers as Matka … Read more