VTU Electronics and Communication Engineering 7th Sem CBCS Scheme PDF Notes Download

Electronics and Communication Engineering 7th Semester CBCS Scheme VTU Notes

Here you can download 7th sem Electronics and CommunicationEng VTU CBCS Scheme Notes, You can also Download Previous And Model Electronics and Communication7th Sem CBCS Scheme Question Papers And Other Study Materials. Microwave and Antennas, Digital Image Processing, Power Electronics, Professional Elective 7th SEM.

SUBJECT NAME : Microwave and Antennas

Module – I   : Microwave Tubes & Microwave Transmission Lines

Module – II  : Microwave Network theory & Microwave Passive Devices

Module – III : Strip Lines & Antenna Basics

Module – IV  : Point Sources and Arrays & Electric Dipoles

Module – V   : Loop and Horn Antenna & Antenna Types

SUBJECT NAME : Digital Image Processing

Module – I   : Digital Image Fundamentals 

Module – II  : Spatial Domain & Frequency Domain

Module – III : Restoration

Module – IV  : Wavelets,Color & Morphological Image Processing

Module – V   : Segmentation & Representation and Description 


SUBJECT NAME : Power Electronics


Module – I

Module – II
Module – III
Module – IV
Module – V

Elective Subjects Notes For ECE 7th SEM

Multimedia Communication

DSP Algorithms and Architecture

Biomedical Signal Processing

IoT and Wireless Sensor Networks


Real Time Systems

Pattern Recognition


Advanced Computer Architecture


Satellite Communication