VTU Electrical And Electronics Engineering 7th Sem CBCS Scheme PDF Notes Download

Electrical And Electronics Engineering 7th Semester CBCS Scheme VTU Notes

Here you can download 7th sem Electrical And Electronics Eng VTU CBCS Scheme Notes, You can also Download Previous And Model Electrical And Electronics 7th Sem CBCS Scheme Question Papers And Other Study Materials. Power System Protection, Power System Analysis – 2, High Voltage Engineering, Professional Elective 7th SEM.
SUBJECT NAME : Power System Analysis – 2

Module – I   : Load Flow Studies

Module – II  : Load Flow Studies (continued)

Module – III : Optimal System Operation

Module – IV  : Optimal System Operation PDF (continued)

Module – V   :  Symmetrical Fault Analysis & Power System Stability

SUBJECT NAME : Power System Protection

Module – I   : Introduction to Power System Protection, Relay Construction and Operating Principles & Overcurrent Protection

Module – II  : Overcurrent Protection (continued) & Distance Protection

Module – III : Pilot Relaying Schemes,Rotating Machines Protection & Transformer and Buszone Protection

Module – IV  : Circuit Breakers 

Module – V   : Fuses, Protection against Overvoltages & Modern Trends in Power System Protection

SUBJECT NAME : High Voltage Engineering

Module – I   : Conduction and Breakdown in Gases,Conduction and Breakdown in Liquid Dielectrics & Breakdown in Solid Dielectrics

Module – II  : Generation of High Voltages and Currents

Module – III : Measurement of High Voltages and Currents

Module – IV  : Overvoltage Phenomenon and Insulation Coordination in Electric Power Systems

Module – V   : Non-Destructive Testing of Materials and Electrical Apparatus

7th Sem EEE Elective Subjects Notes Download Here

Advanced Control Systems 

FACTs and HVDC Transmission

Utilization of Electrical Power

Testing and Commissioning of Power System Apparatus

Carbon Capture and Storage 

Spacecraft Power Technologies

Power System Planning 

Industrial Heating