VTU Civil Engineering 4th Sem CBCS Scheme Notes PDF

VTU Notes For 4th Semester Civil Engineering CBCS SCHEME

In this page you can view and download VTU civil engineering notes 4TH SEM CBCS scheme in pdf, also you can download other study materials of VTU CBCS scheme of civil engineering such as syllabus of civil 4TH SEM CBCS scheme, previous and the model question of civil Eng 4Th SEM CBCS scheme.
Below You can Download These Notes By Module-Wise
SUBJECT NAME : Analysis of Determinate Structures

Module – I : Introduction and Analysis of Plane Trusses

Module – II  : Deflection of Beams

Module – III : Energy Principles and Energy Theorems

Module – IV : Arches and Cable Structures

Module – V  : Influence Lines and Moving Loads

SUBJECT NAME : Applied Hydraulics

Module – I   : Dimensional and Model analysis

Module – II  : Open Channel Flow Hydraulics

Module – III : Non-Uniform Flow

Module – IV  : Hydraulic Machines

Module – V   : Reaction Turbines and Pumps

SUBJECT NAME : Concrete Technology

Module – I   : Concrete Ingredients

Module – II  : Fresh Concrete

Module – III : Hardened Concrete

Module – IV : Concrete Mix Proportioning

Module – V   : Special Concretes

SUBJECT NAME : Basic Geotechnical Engineering

Module – I   : Introduction

Module – II  : Soil Structure and Clay Mineralogy

Module – III : Flow through Soils

Module – IV : Consolidation of Soil

Module – V  : Shear Strength of Soil

SUBJECT NAME : Advanced Surveying

Module – I : Curve Surveying

Module – II : Geodetic Surveying and Theory of Errors

Module – III : Introduction to Field Astronomy

Module – IV : Aerial Photogrammetry

Module – V  : Modern Surveying Instruments