UP Police Online Complaint e-FIR Crime Registration CCTNS Citizen Portal UPCOP App Download Complete Process

Citizens can Register UP Police Online Complaint and e-FIR to the specific police station. One can lodge Online Crime Complaint/ e-FIR (First Information Report), Money Fraud, etc. All other crime complaint to UP Police Crime and Criminal Tracking Network System (CCTNS). Complete UP Police Online Complaint Registration Process is available to read. Other services by UP Police CCTNS includes following.

Please note that it includes All Districts and Police Stations functional in UP State.

  • e-FIR (Cyber Crime, Theft, Lost Child, Loot, Trespassing)
  • Online Police Complaint (All Crimes)
  • Character Certificate Request
  • Tenant/ Paying Guest (PG) Verification
  • Home Servant Verification
  • Employee Verification
  • Rally Permission Request
  • Program/ Agitation Request
  • Postmortem Request etc.

You can also Download the verification forms offline and after filling them can submit to your police station. Gone were the days when you have to convince and bribe the police officials for mere complaint registration. Now you can register online complaint and e-FIR without bribing anyone.

UP Police Online Complaint e-FIR Process

Please read the complete process to register e-FIR with UP Police online using CCTNS. Apart from Online UP Police Complaint Registration, Various form download links are also available. You can download all the service request forms including Police Verification Form, Protest/ Strike Forms. Here is the complete online UP Police Online Complaint/ e-FIR registration process

1. Go to the UP Police CCTNS Official Website

2. Now go to “create citizen login” option present on right side of screen

3. CCTNS Citizen Registration Form will pop-up and looks like

4. Fill the Citizen Registration Form and Submit. You will see a message on screen saying “Entry Successfully Created, You con now Log-in”

5. You can now log-in using the username, password filled by you in registration form

6. After logging in you will see the UP Police e-FIR Registration Form

7. Now select the nature of complaint, and fill the form correctly and get e-FIR Registration.

[button color=”red” size=”medium” link=”https://cctnsup.gov.in/eFIR/login.aspx” icon=” Lodge UP Police Online e-FIR/ Complaint Now” target=”true”]Lodge UP Police Online e-FIR/ Complaint Now[/button]

Note: False Police Reports and bogus information may cause you deep trouble, beware of it.

Online UP Police Verification Form Download

You can also Download UP Police verification Forms Online and can proceed thereafter. Following forms are available for download on UP Police CCTNS Service website.

  1. C-Form Request(Foreigner Registration)
  2. Complaint Form
  3. Tenant Verification Form
  4. Domestic Help Verification Form
  5. Employee Verification Form
  6. Character Verification Form
  7. Procession Request Form
  8. Event/Performance Request Form
  9. Protest/Strike Request Form

You also have an option of Download UP Police Complaint Form either in English or Hindi Language.

[button color=”orange” size=”medium” link=”https://cctnsup.gov.in/citizen/DownloadOfflineEForm.aspx” icon=”Download UP Police Complaint/ Verification Offline Form” target=”true”]Download UP Police Complaint/ Verification Offline Form[/button]

Please note that, after filing the form properly you can generate .xml of the entries.

UPCOP App Download

All these functions are available on UPCOP Mobile App. Download the application on your Android or iPhone and register UP Police Online Complaint. You can perform following list of actions including the above discussed.

  • Above Mentioned All & additional are
  • Share Information (सूचनाएं साझा करें)
  • Report Misbehavior ( ख़राब ब्यवहार )
  • Search Status/Download (स्थिति खोजें/डाउनलोड करें )
  • Emergency Helpline (आपातकालीन हेल्पलाइन)
  • Unidentified Dead Bodies (अज्ञात शव)
  • Missing Person (लापता व्यक्ति )
  • Rewarded Criminals (इनामी अपराधी )
  • Arrested Accused (गिरफ्तार अपराधी)

Download UP Police Online Complaint Android App UPCOP from Google Play Store and iOS version from Apple App Store.

UP Police e-Police Station Contact Address

You can also contact e-police station fro all your complaint. Please beware that, false reporting fake cases will be punished. Here is the contact details of UP e-police station.