J.B. Gupta Electrical Machines PDF

Jb gupta electrical machines pdf: Theory and performance of electrical machines by jb gupta pdf is very helpful for the electrical engineering students and also for other competitive examinations.

The book comprises multiple chapters and objective type questions to give a deep and clear sense of the subject.JB Gupta Electrical Machines PDF contains all the engineering information. The book is available in English, Hindi, and Tamil languages to make it easy for readers. It has many tables, formulas, and charts to make it more understandable.

Download Question Bank in Electrical Engineering By J.B. Gupta – Is the standard textbook for all those preparing for competitive exams like BE, AMIE, IETE, GATE, ITI, MTNL, ONGC, BHEL, UPSC, and all other engineering and civil services examinations. With every new edition, new developments are added without compromising on the book’s quality of content.

Jb gupta electrical machines pdf

The latest edition of the book provides updated content and latest trends of exam and syllabus. The book is designed very carefully and the content is designed from basic level to advanced level that helps the student to understand the concept gradually.

The entire book content is divided into three parts that are further categorized into various chapters and topics. It represents the content with the help of illustrations, diagrams, flow charts, tables that support understanding the concept.

Electrical machines jb gupta pdf useful for:

B.Sc. (Engineering): B.tech, B.E, A.M.I.E, (India), UPSC, I.E.S. (Electrical engineering), GATE (Electrical engineering) and other equivalent engineering examinations.

Jb gupta electrical machines pdf book details

  • Book Name –theory and performance of electrical machines by jb gupta pdf
  • Format– PDF
  • Author– Jb gupta
  • Size– 134 MB
  • Page- 775
  • Subject– English
  • Language– English
  • Publication– S.K. Kataria & Sons

Electrical machines by jb gupta pdf book Contents

Part-I: DC Machines

  • Magnetic Circuits and Induction
  • Principles of Electromechanical Energy Conversion
  • Basic Concepts of Rotating Electrical Machines
  • Construction of DC Machines
  • Armature Reaction and Commutation in DC Machines
  • Operating Characteristics and Application of DC Generators
  • Parallel Operation of DC Generators
  • Operating Characteristics and Applications of DC Motors
  • Speed Control, Starting and Braking of DC Motors
  • Losses, Testing and Maintenance of DC Machines
  • Special Types of DC Machines
  • Thyristor Control of Electric Motors
  • Objective Type Questions

Part-II: Polyphase Circuits

  • Polyphase Circuits
  • Objective Questions with Answers

Part-III: AC Machines

  • Transformers
  • Transformers (Continued)
  • Synchronous Generators or Alternators
  • Rotating Magnetic Fields
  • Synchronous Motors
  • Parallel Operation of Alternators
  • Construction, Theory and Operation of Polyphase Induction Motors
  • Starting, Speed Control and Braking of Polyphase Induction Motors
  • Special Induction and Polyphase Commutator Machines
  • Fractional Kilowatt Motors
  • Synchronous Converters
  • Rectifiers
  • Objective Questions with Answers
  • Index

JB Gupta Electrical Machines PDF Download