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As there are around 23 million passengers travelling per day in Indian railway. You can Register IRCTC Food Online Complaint regarding Bad Quality food, Rate List Overcharge, Misbehaving Vendor, Poor Hygiene Kitchen etc. Railway Food Complaint Toll Free Helpline Number, grievance email id etc. information is available to report any inconvenience to the passengers.

Indian Railway Food common complaints include overcharging items i.e. asking more money than Rate list, Bad Food Quality, Dirty kitchen, Staff misbehave etc. Here we will also provide the Latest IRCTC Food Rate List ( Till April 2019) Train wise Details.


IRCTC Food Online Complaint Toll Free

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Food Complaints will get a solution. Since some of the most common IRCTC Food issues includes Bad Quality, Overcharging, Vendor Misbehaving etc. Here are the complaint helpline number (s) and email id. Moreover, Also read informative details regarding Official IRCTC Rate List etc.

The official IRCTC Rate List including latest rates of Beverages, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and other Food items is available. However, Train wise Food Menu Card is available for easy understanding like Mail/ Express/ Humsafar Menu, Rajdhani/ Shatabdi/ Duronto Menu, Gatiman /Tejas /Vande Bharat Express Menu. Here are the IRCTC Food Complaint Toll Free Helpline Number and email id.

IRCTC Food Complaint Toll Free Number Emergency/ First Aid 1800 111 139 and 1800 111 321/ 138
Helpline Customer Care Contact Landline 0755-6610661, 0755-4090600 (Language: Hindi and English)
IRCTC Food Complaint email id
Complaint Twitter Handle IRCTC @IRCTCofficial
Railway Helpline Contact Number List Official Download

Train Wise Menu Rate List

Firstly, the information table will tell you the rate list of Mail, Express, Humsafar Trains running on different routes. Online Railway Menu Rate List will include price of Breakfast, Drinks, Meals and A-la-Carte Menu (Selected Trains).

Mail/ Express/ Humsafar Railway Food Menu Rate List
  • Tea (150 ml): 05/-
  • Coffee/ Tea (150 ml with Tea Bag): 10/-
  • Water (01 ltr. Rail Neer): 15/-

Humsafar (AVM Machine)

  • Tea (100 ml): 10/-
  • Coffee (100 ml): 15/-
  • Soup (100 ml): 15/-
  • Water (01 L/ 500 ml): 15/- | 10/-
BreakFast (In Train)
  • Bread Butter & Cutlet -02 Veg. Cutlet (100 gms), 02 bread slice,10 gms butter chiplet, tomato ketchup in Sachet – 15 gms, Salt & Pepper : 30/-
  • Idli & Vada -04 nos Idli (200 gms), 04 nos Urad Vada (120 gms), 50 gms Chutney : 30/-
  • Omelette of 02 eggs 90 gms, 02 bread slice with 10 gms butter chiplet-70 gms, tomato ketchup in Sachet – 15 gms, Salt & Pepper : 35/-
Meal (Lunch and Dinner)
  • Janta meal or Economy meal or Janta Khana Comprising 7 Poori of 175 gms, Aaloo Dry Curry (150 gms) and Pickle Sachet (15 gms): 20/-
  • Standard Thali Meals Vegetarian (only in Refreshment Rooms) – Plain rice of fine quality – 150 gms + Paratha(2 nos) or Chapati (4 nos) or Poori (5 nos ) – 100 gms, Dal or Sambar -150 gms(Thick Consistency), Mix Vegetable(seasonal) –100 gms, Vegetable curry (seasonal) –100 gms, Curd -100 gms or Sweet –40 gms, Pickle in Sachet-15 gms : 35/-
  • Non-Vegetarian Thali (only in Refreshment Rooms) – Plain rice of fine quality –150 gms+ Paratha(2 nos) or Chapati(4 nos) or Poori (5 nos) 100 gms, Dal or Sambar -150 gms(Thick Consistency),Two egg curry-200 gms,Curd –100 gms or Sweet –40 gms,Pickle in Sachet-15 gms; 40/-
A-la-Carte Menu (Other Food Items) Separate List 

Separate Railway Food Item Rate List A-la-carte

A-la-Carte Menu item’s rate list includes both veg and non-veg items. Please click on Separate List link in the table with standard quantity and price information. Also, Read Separate Menu Rate List of Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duronto, Gatiman, Tejas, Vande Bharat Express