Top 10 Best MX Player Web Series to Watch!

MX Player was a cross-platform video player app used for creating, downloading, editing, and for playback videos offline. It was started in South Korea, but the app gained attention in a very short time, and people in India too started enjoying the app.

Best MX Player Web Series to Watch!

MX Player is the app ranked many times for being the most downloaded apps on Google Play store. Out of the total 270 Million monthly active users, 70% were from India.  Two years back in 2018, Times Internet acquired MX Player for $200 Million and made it a video streaming platform where one can watch movies, music videos, shows and etc.

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Recently MX Player got relaunched as an OTT app that has content in 10 different languages to offer includes English, Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam.

The app now has a number of exclusive and original content available in it. There are many TV shows, web series, music videos, and short videos available in it from the leading publishers and Producers of India.  All these videos and web series can be watched by anyone free of cost, which is indeed a great thing for viewers. So why not to talk about the Best MX Player Web Series to watch today?

We have come up with the list of best 10 MX Player web series to watch in your free time. We have curated this list based on the ratings and reviews of the series.  So let us simply jump on the list and read about it.

Let’s get started.

1. Hey Prabhu

Hey Prabhu is a web series we would recommend for youngsters as the story is all about the youngsters involved in social media. The story is more about how you pretend your life is and how your life actually is. The difference is big, and that’s what you are going to see in the web series. The genre of the web series is comedy, drama and it was released on February 19, 2019, a year back. Right now, there is only one season available, which has six episodes in it. In the web series, you are going to see the common problems of a millennium’s life.

To sum up the story, it gives us the message that if someone is good at social media, it isn’t important that he/she is also good in their personal life too.

2. Flames

Flames is one of the very famous web series people loved. It was released back on January 5, 2018, and came up with two seasons and ten episodes. It was also listed as the best romantic web series.

Flames is a web series based on teenage life. The genre of the series is comedy, drama, and romance. In the series, you are going to see the typical coaching class romance and all those moments of childhood.

The story is about a couple, Rajat and Ishita, who go to the same tuition class in west Delhi. The makers have included all those problems one generally faces in their teenage love, along with the bunch of happiness. They have shown how these two love birds dealt with their problems and made their relationship long-lasting.

3. Queen

Queen is a web series based on the historical drama with one season consisting of 11 episodes. It was released back on March 25, 2019.

Queen is a web series that does not require any introduction because it is a biography of TamilNadu state, Former CM, Late J Jayalalitha. She was loved for her personality, her work, and her aura.

The series has shown the life of the former CM in it, which has everything from here life drama, acting career to her political life. The story doesn’t start from her CM life but from her childhood days.

You will see her life struggle in the series. It was liked by many, not because of the autobiography of her but the strong acting of the leading character played by Ramya Krishnan and Indrajit Sukumaran.

4. ImMature

ImMature is again a web series made on teenagers. It was released on February 19, 2019, and the genre is drama and comedy. Only one season has been launched till now, which has five seasons in it.

As the name suggests, the series is all about the immature behavior of teenagers who think they are mature. The story is about a 16-year-old Teenage guy named Dhruv, who is just like you and me. He wants to experience everything in his life and all those things which adults do.

He had the first crush in his school who he wanted to tease, and he managed to do that with his friends. The makers have shown all their life experiences, such as their first love, first heartbreak, first drink and etc.

You will be able to connect with the story because the things that happened in the story is all that we have done in our 16s. This story is known as one of the best comedy-drama series available in MX Player.

5. Cheesecake

If you are a dog lover, then Cheesecake is a story you will love to watch. The series is a perfect one for those who don’t like long stories as it only has one season consisting of 5 episodes. It was released on November 28, 2019.

The story is about a newly web unsettled couple who aren’t very used to with each other now. And suddenly, one day, they find a golden retriever dog outside their house at the door.

They were shocked and surprised. And they did what anyone else would have done, and they took the dog inside. The dog changed their lives totally. The couple realized things they would have never realized without this experience.

The show gained popularity in no time due to the strong script, and amazing role-plays done by the leading characters. The dog’s cuteness was the center of attraction of the whole web series. All over, if you are a dog lover or want to become one, then you must watch this short yet powerful MX Player web series.

6. Aafat

Aafat is a short, quirky, and fun comedy web series based on the bride finding drama. The story is all about a son and mother who is finding a bride from a matchmaker company. Their expectations from their would-be bride were too much that they ended up meeting the number of girls.

The matchmaker introduced the mother and son to five totally different girls. All those girls were different from each other and had their own flaws and qualities. One among them was rude, and the other one was bald, one was fat while the other one was a divorcee. The last one had a habit of not shaving her legs and hands, which was considered as a big problem.

The story was fun and full of comedy but with a great message. People who watched the series gave some really good reviews on the same. The makers have focused on showing the stereotype thinking and how the world has changed now.

It was released back on February 18, 2019, and has six episodes in it. There was only one season released of the web series.

7. Shaadi Fit

Shaadi Fit is a totally different show than those listed here. It is not a web series but a web show, which is a talk show. It is a pre-marriage web talk show.

It will be all about the journey of four young couples who are not perfect now but will be to become fit for the marriage. The hosts and the lead of this show will be Mandira Bedi and Neeraj Gaba.

In their journey, there will be many tasks and challenges given to the couple which they have to perform to become the best. It is not just a fun game show, but it is something we would recommend every couple to watch.

The main focus of the series will be to educate and prepare the participants for the wedding and making them understand the importance of a successful marriage.

The host of the show Mandira Bedi said- “This show is very close to me, personally. Marriage, of course, requires love, but family, friends, mental and physical compatibility matter as well. Shaadi Fit not only tests couples’ compatibility but also gives them a reality check for their D day in every way possible.”

The web series genre is reality show and romance. It was launched in 2019, November 14, and the season has 11 episodes. You can stream them anytime you want to with family.

8. Thinkistan

Thinkistan is a show released on May 23, 2019, on MX Player. If you are someone looking for a big web series you can enjoy for long, this is the best one for you as it has 23 episodes, which can keep you busy for long.

It is a web series that shows the life of the 90s. The story is about the employees of an advertising agency and their life complications. It is about two different lives of copywriters.

The one is privileged, one who belongs to Mumbai and is well versed in English. The character is played by Shravvan Reddy while the other one is a Hindi speaking guy from Bhopal who has to face many struggles.

The other two lead roles are of a girl named Sneha and Anushka ( role played by Mandira Bedi) are the big names. The story will revolve around these four characters and their struggles.

The series is directed by the famous director Padkumar Narasimhamurthy. He has also directed a famous movie, A billion color story.

9. Hello Mini

Hello Mini is a thriller story released on October 11, 2019. the web series is not too short, not too long one with 15 episodes and one season.

The web series is based on a thriller story that has many scary and bold scenes in it, and hence, it is not advisable for someone below 16 to watch.

The main lead Rivanah, feels that someone is following her every time and blackmailing her. The story is about a girl named Rivanah, who is being stalked by someone, and she is not able to see that person.

However, she keeps on getting frantic calls, incessant messages, and an eye kept on her every time. It is a suspense thriller where you see how the girl tackled the situation and who the stranger was actually.

Overall, it is a must-watch web series for those who like thrillers and suspense.

10. The Insiders

Last but not least, The Insiders is a web series based on comedy and drama genre. It was released on April 12, 2019. The series is very short with 1 season having five episodes.

It is a story of four urban rich teenagers who were strangers to each other when they met first. They were locked up in a room every week by their parents. Since the kids are privileged enough, they don’t have any struggle to face for now.

But since they spend time together, they become best friends and share their life stories with each other. You are going to see their bond, discomfort changing to comfort, and friendship.

Overall, it is a good web series to watch if you like a series based on friendships and drama. And since the series is too short, it won’t take much time. However, we suggest you watch all the episodes before judging it because if you are watching two episodes and making an opinion, you are going to make a mistake.


So these were some of the best web series you can watch on MX Player. All these web series are totally different from each other, so if you have some time to watch more than 1, please do not hesitate to pick the other one from the list and finish it.

If you have any doubts, complaints, or queries regarding the same, please feel free to comment below.