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Arihant csat book pdf in english download: CSAT stand for Civil Services Aptitude Test is an compulsory part of civil service examination used as a screening test for civil service main examinations conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

There are many books and study material available on csat, so here we are going to share with you one of the highly recommended CSAT papers. This cracking the CSAT- civil service aptitude test paper 2 is based on the latest UPSC civil service examinations.

CSAT (Paper-II) is a compulsory Pre-examination that one has to qualify in order to clear the UPSC Civil Service Examination. This paper tests the aptitude, intellect, and suitability of a candidate and evaluates their overall understanding level. This book is best for CSAT, it covers all the topics that are mandatory for the competitive exam.


Arihant csat book pdf in english

The revised edition of the book is designed with the diversified approach that aims to improve and requisite the latest features and formats of the content.

It contains various questions asked in the 2018 examinations and also revised the subject according to the 2019 and the latest syllabus.

So, for all those aspirants preparing for the upsc civil service examinations can easily opt this book to speed up their preparations.

Arihant csat book pdf book details

  • Book Name –arihant csat book pdf in english
  • Format– PDF
  • Author– Arihant Experts
  • Size– 23 MB
  • Page- 981
  • Subject– English
  • Language– English and Hindi
  • Publication- Arihant Publications

CSAT arihant book pdf book Contents

  • Solved Papers [2011-2023]
    Basic Numeracy
    General Mental Ability
    Data Interpretation & Sufficiency
    Decision Making & Problem solving
    Interpersonal Skills including Communication Skills
    Logical Reasoning & Analytical Ability
    English Language Comprehension
    Crack Sets (1-5) with detailed explanations.

Arihant Reasoning Book PDF Chapters

Verbal Reasoning (मौखिक तर्क):-

  • Coding – Decoding (कोडिंग- डिकोडिंग)
  • Classification (वर्गीकरण)
  • Homogeneity test (सदृश्यता परीक्षण)
  • Number and letter series (संख्या तथा अक्षर श्रंखला)
  • Blood relation (रक्त संबंध)
  • Direction test (दिशा परीक्षण)
  • Logical puzzles (तार्किक पहेलियाँ)
  • Incorporation of justice (न्याय निगमन)
  • Logical way diagram (तार्किक वे आरेख)
  • Mathematical logics (गणितीय संर्कियाएँ)
  • Input – Output (इनपुट – आऊटपुट )
  • Hierarchy and sequence (श्रेणीक्रम और अनुक्रम)
  • Linear, Circular and Complex Composite Systems (रेखीय, व्रतीय तथा जटिल मिश्रित व्यव्स्थाए)

Non-Verbal Reasoning (गैर-मौखिक तर्क):-

  • The series (श्रंखला)
  • The dice (पासा)
  • Classification (वर्गीकरण)
  • Analogy (सादृश्यता)
  • Counting pictures (चित्रों को गिनना)
  • Cutting, folding and folding paper (कागज को काटना, जोड़ना और मोड़ना)
  • Picture completion (चित्रों को पूर्ण करना)
  • Turn diagram (सलंगन आरेख)
  • Water reflection (जल प्रतिबिंब )
  • Mirror reflection (दर्पण प्रतिबिंब)
  • Calendar (कैलंडर)
  • Clocks (घड़िया)
  • Cube and Cuboid (घन और घनाभ)

Analytical reasoning विश्लेषणात्मक तर्कशक्ति:-

  • Introduction to analytical reasoning (विश्लेषणात्मक तर्कशक्ति का परिचय)
  • Statement and logic (कथन और तर्क)
  • Cause and effect (कारण तथा प्रभाव)
  • Statement and action (कथन और कार्यवाही)
  • Statement and conclusion (कथन और निष्कर्ष)
  • Assertion and reason (अधिकथन और कारण)
  • Statements and assumptions (कथन और पूर्व-धारणाए)

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