Play With Advanced Maths By Abhinay Sharma PDF

Play with advanced maths by Abhinay sharma pdf: The book play with advanced maths by abhinay sharma pdf designed for the students who are preparing for the various competitive examinations. The book has been written by the abhinay sharma sir to make the advanced maths section easy for the students.

Play With Advanced Maths By Abhinay Sharma PDF Download In Hindi is a book that helps readers understand the basics. It can be used for self-study or as a textbook for school and college-level students. This book is different from other books because it’s written in simple English with visual aids such as images and diagrams.


Play with advanced maths by abhinay sharma pdf

Play With Advanced Maths By Abhinay Sharma PDF Book Download is for those looking to take their math skills to the next level. The tricks and techniques employed in this text are not only meant for self-learning; they are also designed to be used as a tutoring tool.

There are many students who face difficulty in the maths section and it became hard for the candidate to qualify the exam. So, the book is written in such a format that a beginner can also start their preparations by using the book, it helps the students to build the concept with a large number of practice questions to understand the concept and boost their preparations.

If you are looking for advanced maths by abhinay sharma pdf, then here we will try our readers with the best study materials for the various government job examinations.

Advanced Maths are next level maths topic which mainly contains Algebra, Mensuration, Coordinate Geometry, Trigonometry, Geometry, Time & Distance. It is difficult and time consuming concept when compare to Arithmetic Maths Problems.

Advanced maths by abhinay sharma pdf book details

  • Book Name –play with advanced maths by abhinay sharma pdf
  • Format– PDF
  • Author– Abhinay sharma
  • Size– mb
  • Page- 593
  • Subject– Advanced Maths
  • Language– English
  • Publication– Abhinay Publications

Highlights of play with advanced maths pdf

  • The language used in the book is very easy to understand, simple, practical and comprehensible.
  • A “Type approach” has been used in writing the book to feel satisfied after covering a topic.
  • It consists of plenty of solved examples to understand each concept.
  • Each chapter of the book covers theory, illustrations and practice exercise.
  • It tried hard to provide an error free book.
  • Practice questions are carefully selected from the previous year’s questions.

Abhinay maths Pdf Book Contents

Chapter 1: Algebra

  • Theory
  • Polynomial and Quadratic exercise with solutions

Chapter 2: Trigonometry

  • Theory
  • Trigonometry exercise with solutions

Chapter 3: Co-ordinate Geometry

  • Theory
  • Co-ordinate exercise with solutions

Chapter 4: Geometry

  • Theory
  • Line and angle exercise with solutions
  • Triangle exercise with solutions
  • Quadrilateral exercise with solutions
  • Circle exercise with solutions

Chapter 5: Height and distances

  • Height and distance

Chapter 6: Mensurations

  • Theory
  • Area and perimeter exercise with solutions
  • Cube and cuboid exercise with solutions
  • Cylinder exercise with solutions
  • Cone exercise with solutions
  • Sphere exercise with solutions
  • Prism and pyramid theory and exercise with solutions
  • Miscellaneous exercise with solutions

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