MX Player AIO ZIP, EAC3 Codec | Custom Codec for MX Player

This issue is a common issue that happened due to some updates to the app that happened last month. The application has mainly removed DTS, SC3, and Dolby audio support from the app, and thus, you’re unable to hear the audio in many such videos of the app.

Today, I’m going to share some MX Player AIO Zip, Codec, EAC3, along with some other custom codec files that you must download. These will work fine for you regardless of your device type, as I have checked it myself before sharing it with you. Let us now proceed with MX Player AIO ZIP and know how to get started.


What is EAC3 Codec Compatibility Issue?

EAC3 stands for Enhanced audio codec-3, is mainly a kind of codec that the application has. It is used for synchronizing audio files with the videos so that users can watch the videos without any disturbance. In other words, it is more like a tool that helps in compressing and decompressing the videos to play in the store.

And if you are using a codec, you will be able to run any HQ video with a good sound. But now it has been removed; users aren’t able to watch the videos with audio. This is the reason why do we need AIO ZIP and EAC3 Audio codec files.

These are the codec incompatibility issues, and in order to rectify it, you need to use the correct version of the codec file on your device. Although there are many codecs available such as Tegra3 codec, Neon codec, Tegra, it is highly crucial to use the correct codec version among all.

How to download MX Player Codec?

Here, I’m sharing a very easy-to-do download procedure of downloading the codec and playing videos again without any issues. Follow the steps mentioned below-

  • Step 1- First, to begin the process, open MX Player on your device.
  • Step 2- You can see three dots on the top right corner. Just tap on it and go to settings.
  • Step 3- You will find many options there. You need to tap on Decoder.
  • Step 4- Now go down by scrolling it to the bottom. You will be able to find an option called a Custom codec. Quickly note whatever is mentioned in it, such as Tegra3, ARMv7, Neon, x86. It is crucial as it tells you about the type of codec you are required.
  • Step 5- Now you have all the required codec with you. But just in case if you didn’t get what it actually required, go to all in one codec pack option.
  • Step 6- Now again, open MX Player, and if the codec pack that you have downloaded above has official support, you will be able to find the prompt for installing the codec in it. Just ensure that you have the file in your internal storage.

MX Player Codec ZIP Files

Above these codes are useful for you, which you can have just in a click. Once you are done with the installation, the app MX Player will get restarted. After that, playing any file will get accessible. You can also download the latest version of MX Player PK from here.

But in case you still don’t get the automatic prompt, you need to follow the steps given-

  • Step 1- Transfer the file to your device if in case you have not downloaded it on your phone.
  • Step 2- Go to SettingsDecoder> Scroll down to the bottom and click on the custom codec.
  • Step 3- The file selection option will be shown. You have to surf to the directory where you actually stored the zipped codec file and then select the right one.
  • Step 4– It is done. Now try playing any video again, and you can see it working.

Another Method- Download MX Player Codec APK

Just in case if you don’t want to get into all these steps for installing it, you can also install the codec file from the app store. However, we do not guarantee the efficiency and the success of this method as it is directly from the official version.


  1. What is the MX Player codec?

MX Player Codec is a tool that allows the app to run on devices that comes with CPUs, ARMv7, NEON. If you do have any, you need to download MX Player Codec.

  1. How to download MX Player Codec?

If you wish to download MX Player Codec so that you can play all the videos without any interruptions, you are required to follow the method mentioned above along with the download link.

  1. What is EAC3 Codec?

EAC3 codec refers to enhanced AC-3 Format. It is an AC-3 format used for playing audio and video in the MX Player app. With the help of this, users can have high-quality video files with no sound error.

  1. Which MX Player codec supports AC3 video?

For this, you can go with Neon codec as it helps the best for playing an AC3 video.