ITBP Salary and Ranks, ITBP PIS 2023 Check ITBP Pay Slip

ITBP Salary and Ranks, ITBP PIS 2023 Check ITBP Pay Slip: ITBP or Indo-Tibetan Border Police was founded on 24th October 1962. It is deployed in India’s border along with the border of the China-occupied Tibet region. It started with 4 battalions, and since then it has expanded up to a force of 56 battalions as of 2017 with the strength of 89,432.

The force also helps in carrying out relief and rescue operations. Like other government jobs, it also provides the basic salary, allowances, medical facilities, pensions, etc.


ITBP Salary and Ranks, ITBP PIS 2023 Check ITBP Pay Slip

In this article, you will get all the information about the ITBP ranks, ITBP basic salary, pay scale, etc. ITBP has its own pay structure for its employees, and the distribution of ITBP salary is done according to the rank of the officer. Like in ITBP, the highest rank holder is the director-general and his salary is also the highest, which is around 80,000 INR whereas the lowest-ranked designation in ITBP is the constable whose salary is around 8,000 INR. ITBP also follows CPC for pay revision.

There 14 ranks are as follows :

  1. DG (Director General)
  2. ADG (Additional Director General)
  3. DIG (Deputy Inspector General)
  4. Commandant
  5. Second-In-Commandant
  6. DC (Deputy Commandant)
  7. Assistant Commandant
  8. Subedar Major
  9. Inspector
  10. SI (Sub-Inspector)
  11. ASI (Assistant Sub Inspector)
  12. HC (Head Constable)
  13. Constable

ITBP Pay Scale, Grade Pay, Basic Pay Designation Wise

The ITBP Grade Pay, Basic Pay, and all the other allowances are allotted to each officer and designation according to their rank, there are in total 14 ranks or you can say designation. Apart from the basic pay, the employees also get the grade pay which is also used to calculate the dearness allowances of the employees.

Just like the basic pay, grade pay is also given according to the designation of an employee; However, the topmost ranking officer i.e. the Director-General does not get any grade pay as you can also see below in the given table.

 Rank  Pay Scale Grade Pay  Basic Pay Total Pay (without allowance)
Director General  Apex Scale   Nill Rs.80,000(Fixed) Rs.80,000
Addl. Director General  PB – 4 (67000-79000)  10,000/-  Rs.43000 Rs.59100
Deputy Inspector General  PB – 4 (37400-67000)  Rs.8900  Rs.40200 Rs.49100
Commandant  PB – 4 (37400-67000)  Rs.8700  Rs.37400 Rs.46100
Second-in-Command  PB – 3 (15600-39100)  Rs.7600  Rs.21900 Rs.29500
Deputy Commandant  PB – 3 (15600-39100)  Rs.6600  Rs.18750 Rs.25350
Assistant Commandant  PB – 3 (15600-39100)  Rs.5400  Rs.15600 Rs.21000
Subedar Major  PB – 2 ( 9300-34800 )  Rs.4800  Rs.13350 Rs.18150
Inspector  PB – 2 ( 9300-34800 )  Rs.4600  Rs.12540 Rs.17140
Sub-Inspector  PB – 2 ( 9300-34800 )  Rs.4200  Rs.9300 Rs.13500
Asstt Sub Inspector  PB – 1 ( 5200-20200 )  Rs.2800  Rs.8560 Rs.11360
Head Constable  PB – 1 ( 5200-20200 )  Rs.2400  Rs.7510 Rs.9910
Constable  PB – 1 ( 5200-20200 )  Rs.2000  Rs.6460 Rs.8460

After the announcement of the 7th pay commission in 2016, there was a 23% increase in the salary of the employees. The above-given table is an updated one, including the increment after the 7th pay commission.

Allowances In ITBP

ITBP provides different kinds of allowances such as Dearness Allowance, Ration Money, Washing Allowance, Special Compensatory Allowance, Transport Allowance while posted in specified border areas. ITBP personnel are provided the allowances as they have to face the most hardships while being at their duties. This allowance also depends on the rank of the employees, The allowance is provided to the 43 border outposts.

There are some outposts where the soldiers were stationed at 18,000 feet height and had to live there for almost 6 months. Now, the government has reduced the living period from 6 months to 3 months. The allowance is an addition to the ITBP Basic Pay, and only the employees stationed in the outposts are given this facility.

ITBP Pay Slip

The official website of the ITBP provides an online software program that makes it easy for the employees to check their salary online, easily from anywhere. The employees need to visit the official ITBP website and choose Himveer, then after entering their username and password they can get their ITBP salary slip easily.

GPF(General Provident Fund) In ITBP

While in duty, the GPF is cut directly from the salary of the soldiers and the officers. This GPF develops some interest after the passing time and after the retirement of the soldier, it is then used by him, or after the death of the soldier, it is given to his family or close ones.

ITBP PIS 2023- Himveer Login,

ITBP PIS which means ITBP Personal Information System, the name itself tells you that it is a personalized portal that contains all the personal and job-related information of the officer. Also known as Himveer login, it is used widely by the officials of ITBP and is mostly used to download ITBP payslips by the officers working in ITBP.

It is an important online platform that is offering its valuable services to ITBP personnel. Below, you will see the steps to reach the login page of Himveer and how to get your salary slip for Jan, Feb, March, April, May, June, July, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec from there.

  1. The very first and obvious step is to click on the official link of ITBP PIS (Himveer Login)
  2. After clicking on the link, you will be welcomed by a window where you have to enter your username and password.
  1. Enter the username and password, Then enter the characters shown in the box below.
  2. Then click on login and then you can view your personal information including the payslip.
  3. If you forgot your password or username, then you can click on the Forgot Password button given at the end and follow the steps and your password will then be retrieved.

Key Points related to ITBP PIS

Here we provide you with some important points regarding the ITBP PIS:

  • ITBP PIS is only available for the Himveers or we can say that only Himveers are eligible for ITBP PIS.
  • To download the salary, slip or collect other personal information, you have to log in to your Himveer Connect portal.
  • After that put your login details i.e. PIS username and PIS password are provided by ITBP to each user.
  • Be careful, you should note that 5 wrong attempts of logging into the portal will lead to the blocking of users for 24 hours. They must be very much careful while logging into the PIS portal.
  • In any case, you forgot the PIS password, then you can retrieve the same using the Forget button. After that, you have to follow some steps to login into your account again.

कृपया लॉगिन करते हुए सावधानी बरतें, क्यूंकि पांच बार से ज्यादा असफल प्रयास करने पर आपकी User ID 24 घंटे के लिए ब्लॉक हो जाएगी।

If you face any problem in logging in to your account, then you can comment below in the given section and let us know about it. We will surely provide you with the best solution, and always remember to enter the correct details while logging in to your Himveer login.

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