How To Change Language of Movies on MX Player?

MX Player is the best video player on Android. It has grabbed plenty of awards and nominations in the A/V category from most of the big reviewers. MX Player offers plenty of amazing features when it comes to audio and video playback – including file sharing. Just so you know, this app is the very first to use both hardware and software acceleration for the videos that it plays. You will even find a multi-core decoding feature that ensures you are able to play almost every sort of video over here. No wonder MX Player supports more than 20 video compression formats.

Now, there are certain movies, shows and videos that go by the name of dual-audio, multi-language or multi-channel audio. You will come across these movies and shows that do contain these multi-channel audios. But wait, is your video player running those videos in a single language only? Well, I guess it’s time to switch to MX Player because it is powerful enough to play videos in different languages. If you already have this app and still don’t know how to change the language of movies then read along.


Steps to Change Language of Movies in MX Player

There is none but one prerequisite for this feature to work – i.e. you need to have a dual-channel/multi-audio movie. You can either download it on your smartphone or copy it from your PC or laptop. Anyway, once you do have the required video, do the following steps-

  • Open the MX Player app.
  • Look for the movie/video and play it.
  • On the playback screen, look for the sound icon – should be present at the top right of the screen.
  • Pressing it would give you a list of available audio-channels for the movie that you are playing.
  • Select the audio of your choice and that is it!
  • The movie, show or video that you are running will have its audio changed instantaneously.

Troubleshooting Guide

If you do not see different language options for the movie then chances are that the movie doesn’t contain dual-channel audio. There are also chances that the other audio channels are encoded in a different format. We request you to re-download a dual-channel version of the movie in that case.

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