B2B Visitor identification and Lead Generation Software

Visitor identification software is useful for all the company to profile the people who is visiting to the website or application and also a lost to find the final goal for converting them into customer. generally the most businesses owner try to trick the website visitors according to the number of visit of the website page and the designing part of the website but the most important in the management is that who is visiting to your website so getting the information and the profile of the website visitor is very important for generating leads and for selling the business to business product and services.

What is B2B Visitor identification and Lead Generation Software ?

Analysing and monitoring the visitors and identifying the visitors with the help of which the identification software help the sales person for getting the information and the necessary needs and steps should be taken by the salesperson to convert the customers to the company and the software also helps the marketer to analyse the visitors with identified by the software and this also helps in targeting the visitor’s age according to the content who is visiting this gives the effectiveness of the use of the software such person and marketer for the need of the work and development and for integrating the website visitor visa application visitors to the providing the solution to the company and it also helped the information gathering by website visitors which helps the sales and marketing department and it helps in transforming the customers to the the best part of the company and it also works very well with the help of the customer relationship management CRM software you may also integrate the visitors identification software with the help of CRM software for collecting the better visitor’s information and for maintaining the the information effeciently.

Benefits of B2B Visitor identification and Lead Generation Software

  • It helps in collecting the information like company and contact information and it also helps in managing the list of the website visitors age according to different categories.
  • It help and it includes the matrix such as frequency of the visit time is spent on the website as well as the specific page that the visitors is visiting and it also helps to analyse the visitors acording to the geographic location.
  • The software helps for creating the customer profile as according to the IP information and geographic information and it also helps in clarifying to filter the visitors that what likely the visited it interesting to buy age according to the visit of the website.
  • The software helps to allot and notify the selfie per when the new opportunity are available for the company so that the sales person take the appropriate state and action in appropriate time for sale in the product and services.

Features of B2B Visitor identification and Lead Generation Software

  • Visitor Identification, Lead Scoring and Prioritization, Lead Nurturing and Automated Workflows
  • Integrates with Slack, Zapier, Segment, Google Analytics and More.
  • Website visitor recognition – See which companies have visited your website. Deanonymize your web-traffic.
  • Tracking of activities on the website – Website visitor tracking enables you to better understand intentions of your visitors.
  • Videorecording of website visit – See how exactly your visitors interacted with your website by watching videorecording.
  • Detailed company information about every visitor-company – Company name, industry, geography, size, description and of course contact data!
  • List of company employees – Find out who is your ideal contact person in each company and identify their contact data.
  • Lead export as excel, PDF, ZIP file – Do you want to share your leads? Send them to your sales reps? No problem, there are various ways for that.
  • CRM and email campaign software integration – Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoho, activecampaigns and many more apis are integrated with leadrebel®.
  • Flexible API, Zapier integration – Do you need any customer integration? No problem, use our API or Zapier to integrate with any third-party software.

Top of B2B Visitor identification and Lead Generation Software


Turn pageviews into pipeline, Identify the companies already visiting your website and convert them into high-value leads. Leadfeeder Review. Over 60,000 salespeople, marketers, and agencies use Leadfeeder to get better results

  • Identify Website Visitors
  • Qualify High Potential Leads
  • Connect with Decision Makers
  • Sync with your CRM
  • Find ready-to-buy sales leads
  • Beat competitors to the sale
  • Build better sales pitches
  • Make your sales team happy
  • True campaign measurement
  • Optimize marketing content
  • Filtered for quality leads

Integrate with the tools you already use Pipedrive, Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Analytics, Zoho, Zapier, Microsoft Dynamics, Slack, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Google Hangouts Chat, Google Data Studio

Lead Forensics

Identify your B2B website visitors. Lead Forensics is the world’s #1 website visitor identification software. Uncover your anonymous B2B website visitors and fuel your business growth.

  • B2B Customer Account Management -Drive customer satisfaction and incremental revenue with advanced website visitor insight.
  • B2B Sales and Sales Operations – Discover new B2B sales leads, get pipeline insight & close deals faster.
  • B2B Marketing – You created the demand for your B2B website. Lead Forensics captures it.
  • B2B website visitor identification in real-time.
  • Achieve ultimate B2B customer satisfaction and share of wallet.
  • Maximize B2B sales revenues and B2B marketing returns.


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LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Make B2B everything it can be. Build relationships with your ideal audience and drive results all on a platform built for B2B marketing. Connect with decision-makers who matter most to your business. Target your campaign to reach a qualified audience based on job title, industry, company name, and more.

  • Audiences exposed to brand and acquisition messages on LinkedIn are 6x more likely to convert.
  • B2B brands experience a significant 2-3x increase in their brand attributes by advertising on LinkedIn.
  • 40% of B2B marketers surveyed indicated LinkedIn as the most effective channel for driving high quality leads.
  • Tools to Grow Your Business Build brand awareness, drive engagement, and generate leads.
  • Drive results with sophisticated B2B targeting & measurement tools.
  • Promote your business with LinkedIn Ads – Nurture your target audience at every stage of the funnel using native ads displayed in the LinkedIn feed or with LinkedIn messaging.


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  • MarTech Integrations


Website visitor recognization software help to recognise the website or application visitor and it also helps in identifying the type of website visitors that which type of visitor is visiting to your website and age according to that you might change your website or software so that you will be able to fit on the different types of businesses and if you have it on more number of businesses that definitely the number of sale of your product or service you will increase and also website visitors identification software enables the companies to see who is visiting to the website and also it identify the sales and marketing understanding of the visitors of the website and it also helps in targeting them for sales and remarketing and retargeting.